30 Native Leaders Stand With Clinton


On Friday, in the midst of the social media storm over Senator Bernie Sanders’ meeting with a small house finch that landed on his podium, Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced the endorsement of her nomination by more than 30 Native American leaders in Washington State including NCAI president and Swinomish Indian Tribe Chairman Brian Cladoosby and Puyallup Tribe of Indians chairman Bill Sterud, whose tribe had given Clinton the Lushootseed name: tsiwələx̌ʷi which is pronounced “tsee-wuh-luh-x̌wee” and means “Strong Woman.”

"Secretary Clinton has a long history of working on issues of importance to Native Americans,” Cladoosby said in his personal endorsement. “From her work on the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and Children's Health Insurance Program, to supporting the United States' role in the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Hillary has long been by our side. I know, as President, that she will continue fighting for us and building on the progress we have experienced in the last eight years,"

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