All eyes on Mille Lacs with new regulations


The news of the last week in the word of fishing is the final announcement made by the DNR on Mille Lacs regulations for the coming season. The expected one fish harvest is gone. Mille Lacs will be catch and release only for walleyes this season from opener May 14 until Dec. 1. Night fishing is banned on the lake starting May 16. No fishing will be allowed on the lake from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. after that date.

The other significant piece of this is that no live bait can be used for walleye. Artificial bait only. The stipulation also includes no dead, frozen, or processed bait. Launches will be able to apply for permits that will allow them to use live bait as long as they agree to participate in a hook mortality study. If walleye fishing is closed all together during the season the permits will be eliminated.


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