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Disgusted with the 2016 presidential campaigns


Growing more concerned and disgusted about the presidential campaign I thought that I should put my views in writing and post them online to see what other people thought; perhaps I would find some solace in the company of friends and others. First, here is what I posted, followed by some selected but typical responses.

My biggest doubt about Hillary Clinton is that the Clintons seem to believe that they are not bound by any laws except maybe gravity, although they may yet challenge that too. I don’t want a Democratic presidency bound up by lawsuits and investigations through eight years because of her obvious sense of immunity or impunity and her carelessness. And as a friend and political strategist recently commented when he ended his relationship with them, the Clintons tend to lie with such ease. But there is no one in the GOP lineup that I would vote for, and I wouldn’t sit out an election and not vote, so Hillary will have my vote if she is the candidate.


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