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Back in September 2011 we were contacted by Chris Borg the facility director at ISD Red Lake. Prior to Chris others started the CCAP process but never finished. He was determined to follow through and implement CCAP in hopes to create fair work zones, accountability, documentation and training.

Red Lake MN is not exactly near our branch; in fact it is an 8 hour round trip drive so we opted to measure from blue prints. Since face to face meetings were hard to come by, conference calls and WebEx's were vital. The account manager David Skunes made it a point to be available during this entire project and had a large role. These meetings were important to help move things along and kept a clear line of communication between everyone. As the project progressed our GM, SM and AM hosted custodial training sessions and even job shadowed per Chris's request.

Recently Chris took CCAP to a new level. He hired a 3rd party to create large wall size color coded maps that are displayed in the district office. All 22 work zones are displayed and identified along with employee manuals and job cards. If a substitute is needed they have a clear understanding of their job duties for the day. Chris is a great example of a truly dedicated partner and we are very happy that he has succeeded and accomplished his goals.

"Attached is a picture of the Dist. colored zone work area maps displayed in our district office," Chris Borg, Facilities Director of Red Lake School District #38 stated. "I hung these pictures on Monday and have already had a lot of positive comments on them, I'm very proud of the work that was done on the CCAP and how it has been a value added system. The procurement of the CCAP has been in the works for a long time. It was a struggle to get to this poing because change is hard and old habits are tough to break. Now the CCAP is implemented here in all five of our schools and we have had a paradigm shift with our staff. The staff knows what the expectations are and measuring their performance is finite and clear bringing the system full circle.

"After thinking back on the time, site visits and phone calls to get to this point I felt moved to Identify Christine Morris and Dave Skunes. We wouldn't have gotten to this point if it wasn't for their hard work, knowledge and fortitude thank you for your guidance."

Christine Morris

Sales Specialist

Hillyard Hutchinson, MN


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