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The Fry-Bread Indicator


Many historians believe that the down-fall of many great civilizations, such as the Mayan, Roman, Carthage, and others, could have been predicted by early "indicators". We know the Native American civilizations of what is now America; have under-gone tremendous changes, but our nations still remain. However, I believe there are "indicators" pointing to our eventual down-fall.

Possible "indicators" that come to most everyone's mind would include drugs, loss of languages, and possibly the adverse impact of gaming. I would put forth another more accurate indicator. Fry-bread.

Yes, fry- bread. That universal symbol of what is good, and just, in Native America! In the old days of the Indian Movement of the 1960's and 1970's, fry- bread was on every right-thinking Indians menu. Whether you were an Indian activist, a bureaucrat at the B.I.A. (or IHS), or a dedicated staff member at one of the numerous Indian organizations across the U.S., you all had one thing you could agree upon; fry- bread.


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