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The Y will kick start 2016 with a $0 enrollment fee for new members between January 1 and 13


* Set realistic wellness goals.

o Avoid putting pressure on yourself to make drastic lifestyle changes.

o Make small and achievable changes to reach your ultimate goal.

* Amp up your activity during the work week.

o The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week.

o Try facilitating walking meetings, taking the stairs or planning active team outings to increase your fitness.

* Conquer your excuses.

o Find time by making a workout date with a friend you'd like to see.

o Find money by eliminating unhealthy habits like eating out in exchange for a gym membership.

o Increase your confidence in the fitness center by taking advantage of experts like the personal trainers at the Y to help you get on your way.

* Mix it up.

o Instead of tiring of the same cardio routine, try strength training or a group exercise class to spice things up and challenge yourself.

* Recover with healthy foods.

o Try new recipes. Choosing salmon over red meat leads to a meal packed with vitamins, healthy fat and protein.

o Pack a post-workout snack, like chocolate milk, a protein bar or a turkey sandwich.

* Don't forget to hydrate.

o Drink water before, during and after your workouts.

o Staying hydrated will help your circulation, protect your joints and organs and regulate your body temperature, helping you feel great as you prepare for your next workout.

Community members can test these tips at the Y, which will ring in the new year by offering a $0 enrollment fee to new members through January 13.


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