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Valley News Live 

Three men now charged in connection with Rose Downwind murder


Bemidji, Minn. (Valley News Live) Rose Downwind died after being pushed down the stairs by her boyfriend, Marchello Cimmarusti, according to court records.

Downwind had been missing from Bemidji since mid-October, until her body was recovered from a shallow grave near Bemidji this week.

Marchello Cimmarusti appeared in court today and was charged with "2nd Degree Murder, While under a Restraining Order".

Brandon Rossbach was charged with "Aiding an Offender" for his role in allegedly helping to dispose of Downwind's body.

And a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Christopher Davis. He's has also been charged with "Aiding an Offender" for his role in the crime.

According to court records, Marchello Cimmarusti confessed to police that Rose Downwind stayed at his Bemidji home, with children present on October 20th.

Cimmarusti says he got into an argument with Downwind that got out of control and pushed her down the basement stairs. He says Downwind was bleeding from her mouth, didn't have a pulse and he knew she was dead. He didn't attempt CPR.

There's also a bit of chilling, mother's intuition in this case. Just after Rose went missing, her mother Georgia told me she was concerned about Cimmarusti.

Reporter: "You have concerns about the ex-boyfriend on Stoner Avenue?"

Georgia Downwind, Victim's Mother: "Correct. Yes, that's the one."

Cimmarusti told police he enlisted the help of Brandon Rossbach and Christopher Davis to move Downwind's body to his vehicle, along with bags of Styrofoam and a tank of gas.

Downwind's body was taken to a remote area near Bemidji, where a hole was dug, her body was covered with Styrofoam and gas, burned and covered with dirt. Cimmarusti lead police to the grave this week.

And as the court process for Cimmarusti, Rossbach and Davis gets underway, the lives of Rose Downwind's five children goes on without their mom.

Marchello Cimmarusti remains in jail on a bond of one-point-five million dollars. Brandon Rossbach is also in jail on a bond of 750-thousand dollars.

Christopher Davis has not been arrested yet.


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