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By Matt Henson

Court papers outline Rose Downwind murder


Bemidji, MN (WDAZ-TV) - New details outline the events leading up to the murder of Rose Downwind.

Meanwhile, a warrant has been issued for a third suspect in the case.

Police say the murder happened at 40 year old Marchello Cimmarusti's home that he shared with Rose Downwind in Bemidji on October 20th.

According to his confession, he was upset Downwind, his ex-girlfriend, was going to go to police with evidence- proving Cimmarusti violated a no contact order by showing them her cell phone.

The two had broken up according to family due to an abusive relationship, including an incident in which police got involved just a few days before the murder.

Cimmarusti reportedly told detectives when he tried to grab Downwind's phone they bumped into each other and she fell down a flight of stairs. When he checked on her she was bleeding and did not have a pulse.

According to court papers, instead of calling an ambulance Cimmarusti called his cousin, 27 year old Christopher Davis, to help dispose of the body.

Davis reportedly drove from St. Paul to Bemidji with a friend, Marciano Guerra.

According to court papers Davis conducted an Internet search "how hot does a fire have to be to burn through bone."

When Davis arrived at the home later that day he looked at Downwind's body, left and picked up 31 year old Brandon Rossbach.

Cimmarusti reportedly told detectives he and Davis placed Downwind's body in the back of his GMC Yukon, along with shopping bags, Styrofoam bowls and cups, and a tank of gasoline.

Cimmarusti, Davis and Rossbach then drove several miles outside of the city to a remote trail off Highway 89.

Once there, Cimmarusti explained he and Davis dug a hole, which police say was about 4 feet deep, then placed Downwind's body in it along with the bags, Styrofoam, and a board from the basement floor, and then set the body and other materials on fire and watched it for a couple of hours.

Cimmarusti said Rossbach just stood and observed the fire justifying it to the two men saying they were doing it for Cimmarusti's children.

Court papers indicate Cimmarusti escorted detectives to the exact location of Downwind's body on Wednesday after voluntarily turning himself in.

He is charged with second degree murder.

Rossbach and Davis are charged with aiding in the murder.

Cimmarusti faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted, Rossbach and Davis could get up to 20 years.

Davis and Rossbach have denied their involvement, but police say they have surveillance video of the men buying the Styrofoam products at the Walmart in Bemidji at 12:38 in the morning on October 21st.

Marciano Guerra has admitted to police coming to Bemidji with Davis. However, he denies ever seeing Downwind's body and ever going to see the scene. He told BCA agents he stayed home with the couple's children.

Guerra also said when Cimmarusti and Davis returned to the Stoner Avenue location they looked tired, were acting odd and smelled of the outdoors.

There are no charges pending against Guerra.


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