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Workforce Fairness Coalition - Minneapolis PROUD Issues Timely Statement

Local business leaders and employees respond to Minneapolis City Council’s development in the Working Families Agenda


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (October 23, 2015) – In response to the City Council of Minneapolis’ request today to further explore the “Working Families Agenda,” the Workforce Fairness Coalition - Minneapolis PROUD initiative releases the following statement.

"Today is a day when everyone across our community truly can be Minneapolis PROUD. The City Council made the appropriate decision to delay formal action on the ‘ill conceived’ workplace mandate agenda and instead move forward with an approach that is more inclusive and transparent.

The Workforce Fairness Coalition applauds the leadership of Council President Johnson and Council Member Johnson in bringing forward creation of the Workforce Regulation partnership group. We also recognize Council Vice-President Glidden's support for creation of this group. It took a citywide, grassroots effort bringing more voices to this conversation to bring about the changes enacted today. Thank you to every member of the greater Minneapolis community who stood up to be heard on this important issue.

The Coalition and our members will continue to be engaged in this process following future council action and closely monitoring the work of the new partnership group formed to study the issue.”

- Todd Klingel, President, Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce

About Us HYPERLINK ""Workforce Fairness Coalition is a group of businesses, non-profits and associations committed to keeping Minneapolis an innovative, progressive workforce leader. The Minneapolis PROUD initiative supports ensuring families and employers are able to create flexible work environments that benefit everyone. Formed in response to political pressure attempting to create a one size fits all “Working Families Agenda” that inserts the City of Minneapolis into the employer-employee relationship, we are committed to ensuring every workplace is fair and equitable, that an honest day's work yields an honest day's pay, and that Minneapolis employees and employers maintain fairness in the workplace. For more information visit: HYPERLINK "" For all media inquiries and support to schedule interviews, contact: Media liaison, Robb Leer 612.701.0608.


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