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Gigabit Internet: What it is and why you need it

Paul Bunyan Communications has started work on what will be one of the largest Gigabit networks in the United States, the GigaZone. The cooperative has a long history of providing the latest in technology first in our region, but what is Gigabit Internet and why is that important?

A Gigabit in terms of Internet service speed is 1,000 Megabits per second (Mbps). The GigaZone provides speeds over 100 times the average Internet speed in the United States which is estimated at 8.6 Mbps.

Top 5 reasons why you would want Gigabit speed Internet service.

1. The number of Internet enabled devices is increasing rapidly, as are the number of device users.

Computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, smart home devices, and even some televisions use the Internet. The more devices and the more users, the less Internet speed for each device. For example, if you have 3 smart phones, 2 computers, and a tablet using 12 Mbps cable modem service at the same time, the best each device will get is 2 Mbps and that is under ideal circumstances. In the same scenario with GigaZone Internet service, each device would get up to 166 Mbps. That is a big difference!

2. Streaming videos, movies, and TV shows

YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Netflix are just three of a growing number of popular Internet based video services. Gigabit Internet allows you to stream even Super and Ultra HD videos with little or no delays or buffering. The GigaZone lets you save time and enhances your overall viewing experience.

3. Download and upload files including photographs and videos at incredible speeds.

Most digital cameras and smart phones now have the capability to produce high quality photographs and those images increase the size of every file. When uploading them to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or to the Cloud, each file can take minutes to hours, especially with cable modem services that have slow upload speeds. GigaZone Internet the download and upload time is seconds, not minutes or hours.

4. Online Gaming

More popular than ever, online gaming relies on fast and stable connectivity. The games themselves now include video and 3D graphics that can slow down or stop the experience of a user without a robust Internet connection.

5. From your local cooperative, it's affordable

Since the GigaZone offers so much more Internet speed you might think the cost to get it would be a lot more but that is not the case. Paul Bunyan Communications is a member-owned cooperative and for $60 per month you can get up to 250 Mbps both download and uploads. Gigabit service, up to 1,000 Mbps, is only $100 a month.

In addition to the fast Internet speeds, the cooperative is offering GigaZone Integrated Wi-Fi that uses the latest in advanced Wi-Fi technologies to maximize the in-home wireless experience. Most current wireless routers cannot support blazing GigaZone Internet speeds. GigaZone Integrated Wi-Fi is free to all new GigaZone customers for the first six months, with a minimal charge thereafter.

You can also add unlimited local and long distance phone service and/or Paul Bunyan Television when subscribing to GigaZone Broadband Internet service.

To find out more about what will be one of the largest Gigabit networks in the United States and the various service options available to you, stop in to our office in Bemidji or Grand Rapids or visit


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