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What if Britain had won the Revolutionary War?


Alternative histories are popular in fiction—what if Columbus hadn’t “discovered” America, what if the Confederacy had won the Civil War, what if the Nazis had invented the atomic bomb first?

Harry Turtledove writes some pretty good novels on such themes, except Indians are always bad or unnecessary in his alternative histories. He even has the New World populated by Homo Erectus when the white folks get here, because, of course, our pre-human ancestors are far more exciting and interesting than actual Indians. I was waiting for a novel from him about Indians eventually “discovering” Europe, and finding it filled with Neanderthals, but I guess his heart wasn’t in writing that novel.

If we speculate on alternate historical outcomes for reasons other than crafting cheap fiction, they can open our eyes to the actual nature of the society we live in, and we may see that we misunderstand the history that actually did happen.


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