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On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, the Beltrami County Sheriff's office in partnership with Paul Bunyan Broadcasting, presented the citizens lifesaving award to Katherine LaVelle. On 2014-01-19, Lavelle was at her place of employment at Paul Bunyan Broadcasting when coworker Steven Strasser told her he was not feeling well and intended to go home and lay down. Lavelle questioned Strasser about the symptoms he is experiencing and immediately recognized the possibility that he was experiencing a heart attack. Lavelle insisted on taking him to the emergency room where he was immediately admitted. Mr. Strasser was placed in a room at the ER and hooked up to a monitor when his heart stopped beating for approximately 5 minutes. He was rushed into surgery and his life was saved.

Lavelle was recognized by the Sheriff's office and Paul Bunyan broadcasting for her efforts in not only recognizing the symptoms, but insisting on providing first aid and immediately transporting Mr. Strasser to the hospital. The Sheriff's office believes it is important to point out to the public that lives are saved when people do not ignore these warning signs. When she received the award, Katherine Lavelle spoke of the fact that both her father and brother of hers had perished from heart attacks and she wish that someone had been nearby who recognize the symptoms because they both may still be alive today. Had that been the case.

The Sheriff's office also recognized Deputy Dan Rockensock with an award of merit for the apprehension of the felony fugitive north of Bemidji in Beltrami County and a lifesaving award for rescuing a female lost in the woods last fall.

Deputy Lee Anderson received the award of merit for intervening in a mental health crisis situation in the town of Tenstrike and successfully talking the person in crisis into medical care without any further injury to the victim. Deputy Anderson remained with the patient at the ER for several hours preventing him from harming himself or others.

Deputy David Brook was recognized with a lifesaving award for rescuing a victim who was experiencing an arterial bleeding event and would have bled to death had it not been for his prompt application of first aid.

The court security staff received the Sheriff's Office Division Award of Merit and were recognized for their efforts in keeping the courthouse safe and secure and providing prompt and efficient assistance to citizens, courthouse staff and judges in the Beltrami County Judicial Center.

Sheriff Phil Hodapp


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