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United States Attorney Announces "Working Hard, Making a Difference" Award Winner

The United States Attorney for the District of Montana Michael W. Cotter announced today that Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Victim Specialist Wendy Bremner, of Browning Montana, is the District of Montana's "Working Hard, Making A Difference" award winner. The award was created to recognize individuals in Indian Country who have made significant contributions to public safety.

Wendy Bremner is one of nine Native Americans, nationwide, that work as BIA Victim Specialists. As a Victim Specialist, Bremner helps crime victims navigate within the criminal justice system assuring that crime victims' rights are honored.

"Bremner is an exceptional Victim Specialist" said United States Attorney Michael Cotter, "She addresses the needs of crime victims in a caring and professional way, enabling her

law enforcement partners to apprehend and prosecute perpetrators. The volume of work in Blackfeet is breathtaking. Despite the great needs, Bremner is tireless. She is a reliable and valuable partner to the law enforcement team at Blackfeet. She has touched hundreds of lives. We are grateful for her service."

BIA Victim Specialist Supervisor Linda Bearcrane said, "Wendy's role as a Victim Specialist is devoted to helping Native Americans during very traumatic circumstances. The Office of Justice Services is fortunate to have Wendy as a victim services provider who treats victims with dignity and respect. I am delighted that Wendy Bremner is being recognized for the outstanding service she provides the people of Blackfeet Reservation."

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