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Citizens' Council for Health Freedom Unveils Billboard Campaign Across the Country With Message That Obamacare 'Odds Are Never In Your Favor'

Billboards Remind Drivers of Government Health Care Woes

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Drivers are bombarded with messages every day while behind the wheel, but Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF, is hoping its new message about the pitfalls of government health care will give them something to think about on their daily commute.

CCHF, a Minnesota-based national organization with a goal to preserve patient-centered health care and protect patients’ rights, is unveiling a billboard campaign in five major markets across the United States. The giant orange, black and yellow signs send the message, “Obamacare Games—Where the Odds are Never in Your Favor,” and encourage viewers to visit a special section of CCHF’s web site,

Twila Brase, co-founder of CCHF, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, said the billboards will remind citizens that federal health care is not in their favor and that the problems of Obamacare are numerous.

“The first billboard in this campaign is already up in Denver, Colorado, and we are excited to have it in such a great location,” Brase said. “Billboards in four other major markets across the country will send the message that Obamacare is not in Americans’ best interest. The remainder of these billboards will be posted in high-traffic areas to reach millions of Americans, and we hope the signs will encourage all Americans to ‘Refuse to Enroll’ in Obamacare, because the odds in this flawed system are truly against them.”

Visitors to can sign a pledge stating that they are opting out of “any and all participation in the national Obamacare Exchange system.” The online form goes on to state, “I hereby refuse to enroll in—or use—any state-based, “state-federal partnership,” or federal website portal (“health exchange”) created under the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).”

Brase says there are three perfectly legal alternatives Americans can choose rather than be a part of this flawed, dangerous federal health care plan. Citizens' Council for Health Freedom is working diligently to educate people across the nation about options outside of signing up for this law that shares private health and financial information with government agencies, offers substandard care and costs more than private insurance.

CCHF offers these three legal alternatives to enrolling in Obamacare:

1. Obtain private insurance. Find a plan outside the government exchanges that meets the Affordable Care Act’s “minimum essential coverage” requirement. This could include the private individual purchase of health insurance, a health insurance policy available from a person’s employer or a policy purchased through a private health insurance exchange.

2. Claim an exemption. There are several exemptions from the individual mandate and exemptions (including an additional list of 14 hardship exemptions) from the “uninsured tax.” The exempt include:

o Members of health-sharing organizations, certain religious groups that receive no Social Security and Native American tribes.

o Undocumented immigrants, incarcerated individuals, for whom health insurance is considered unaffordable (premiums after subsidies/contributions exceed 8% of income). See the complete list at

3. Go uninsured and pay the penalty tax. Penalties for adults without required coverage begin at $95, or up to 1% of income in 2014, whichever is greater, and increase annually. Penalties for children under age 18 begin at $47.50.

Brase has also written a list of the Top Ten Terribles of Obamacare, which include higher costs, privacy intrusions, more red tape, and poor care and coverage, and also lists the top four reasons not to enroll in state exchanges: no private insurance, no privacy, limited choices among doctors and hospitals, and high premiums.

Twila Brase shares health care-related news with the public in her daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute, which airs on more than 150 stations nationwide on the American Family Radio Network and 90-plus stations on the Bott Radio Network. During the daily features, listeners can learn more about the agenda behind proposed health care initiatives and policies and what they can do to protect their health care choices, rights and privacy.

Brase, a public health nurse and health care freedom advocate, informs listeners of crucial health issues, such as the intrusive wellness and prevention initiatives in Obamacare, patient privacy and the need for informed consent requirements, the dangers of “evidence-based medicine” and the implications of state and federal health care reform.

Twila Brase has been called one of the “100 Most Powerful People in Health Care” and one of “Minnesota’s 100 Most Influential Health Care Leaders.” She has been interviewed by CNN, Fox News, Minnesota Public Radio, NBC Nightly News, NBC’s Today Show, NPR, New York Public Radio, the Associated Press, Modern Healthcare, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Washington Times, among others. Brase shares health care-related news and commentary with the public in her daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute, which airs on nearly 350 stations daily, including the 150-station American Family Radio Network and the 80-station Bott Radio Network. Health Freedom Minute is sponsored by the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, a patient-centered national health freedom organization based in St. Paul, Minn. CCHF supports patient and doctor freedom, medical innovation and the right of citizens to a confidential patient-doctor relationship.


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