Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

The U.S. Has Abandoned Natives

When one says American Indian, what comes to mind? Is it the fierce-looking warrior on horseback or perhaps the individual in war paint holding a repeating rifle, ever ready for battle? We have so many political and societal issues being discussed regarding 21st century American citizens, yet it is truly rare to hear any issues relating to present-day American Indians—present day being the key phrase. Isn’t it unfortunate that a people who were forced to accept a European-based society are today left to be their own advocates in the U.S., typically having little voice at all? If asked to picture a person of indigenous ancestry, I would argue a much more realistic depiction would be one living a modern American life, much like you and me. But many also continue to see the negative effects of the past that have yet to be corrected.



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