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Crime Never Takes A Break: Get Practical Advice From A Security Expert On How To Keep Loved Ones Safe

Nashville, TN, January 4, 2014 – When the economy goes down, crime goes up! Burglaries and home invasions have hit record levels. The most troubling fact to many is that these crimes are occurring far more frequently in rural and suburban areas. Gun and home security system sales have also hit record levels as people look for ways to protect their homes and families. With the holidays approaching, homeowners must take some basic steps to keep intruders out of their homes.

Alan Young has made keeping people safe his life's work. He is a sought-after speaker and security expert whose advice and products have been featured in magazines, newspapers, on numerous radio shows, and on top TV shows such as The Today Show, Fox News, Bloomberg, The CBS Early Show, The Discovery Channel, "It Takes a Thief,” and HGTV. Alan has given numerous talks to police forces, police academies and homeowners associations on ways to improve the physical security of their homes and lessen the chance of becoming a victim.

Crime is no longer a "bad area” problem. In the past several years, the increased distribution of methamphetamine and other drugs has dramatically increased the amount of crime in rural areas. "Better” suburban areas have also seen a significant increase in crime during that same time frame. "It's pretty simple, thieves have finally figured out that people in better areas have more things that are worth stealing and 'new age' drugs have really changed rural America,” says Young.

Young is concerned that most people view security as how to reaction to an invasion, rather on how to prevent one. He reminds homeowners that a home alarm doesn't work until after an intruder is inside and a gun is a last resort that can only be used if the gun owner is at home. He believes that several major misconceptions, such as "alarm systems keep you safe,” continue to put people at risk. "Police response time to a home alarm system is often over 20 minutes and most thieves can be in and out of a home in less than 5. Someone can kick in your door and be in your house in 10 seconds; is that enough time to find your gun? Will your spouse or children know how to use your gun if you are away? The key is to take steps to keep them out in the first place,” says Young.

Young's advice to homeowners is to be proactive: "Don't announce vacation plans on social media sites, install proper lighting inside and out, keep shrubs trimmed, and most important, secure the exterior doors,” says Young. Adding, "Securing your doors and windows is crucial to increasing the likelihood of success against a burglar. There are simply too many easy targets out there. Make sure that you are not one of them.”

Alan Young graduated Vanderbilt University with a B.S. degree and a dual major in Organizational Development and Economics, and an MBA from Vanderbilt's Owen School of Management. Following graduation, he had a brief professional football career and joined Banc of America Securities as an investment banker, where he executed mergers & acquisitions and capital raising transactions.

It was after Young began rehabbing properties that experienced repeated break-ins that he and his engineer brother formed Armor Concepts and started producing the highly successful EZ Armor, Door Jamb Armor and ArmorDoor products, which are sold through Lowe's, Menards and other retailers. "Armor Concepts was formed as a way to provide economical products that homeowners can use to secure their homes. Education is my passion so I have made it a personal mission to educate others on how to think about security,” says Young. Adding, "Crime always increases around the holidays, which are right around the corner, so people really need to think about enjoying their holidays and avoid becoming a statistic.”

EZ Armor was recently recommended in an online article about apartment security as "an affordable door security device that will strengthen your entryways and help prevent unwelcome intruders from forcing their way in.” For more information on Alan Young or his products, please visit


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