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Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee visits Red Lake Schools - P7


The Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee visited several sites in the region this week, one of which was the Red Lake ISD #38, Red Lake Schools.

Committee members received presentations on various projects to be considered for inclusion in the 2014 Bonding Bill.

Project At A Glance

• $32.517 million under the capital loan provisions of M.S. Sec. 126C.69 to complete all remaining facility projects at three sites based on facility and education program planning begun in 2002, as modified based on revised basic needs.

• Renovate and replace substandard facilities to provide space that will promote student success.

Project Description

• Continued renovation of and addition to the Red Lake High School and Red Lake Middle School, including renovation of the original elementary school and demolition of the adjacent portable building currently used for administrative offices. Construction includes new student services areas, a high school media center, technology labs, physical education/fitness space, replacement of locker rooms, and completion of a common kitchen and cafeteria. The proposed construction will replace the small, outdated vocational facility with a new self-contained vocational center that would also be used by alternative, adult, and community education programs. Old vocational spaces will be converted to a middle school hands-on learning lab including shop, technology, fitness and nutrition. The heating/ventilation system serving the entire building will be completed. The project also includes parking lots, sidewalks, water management, landscaping and an environmental studies area. Total cost of this portion of the project is $22.769 million.

• At the Red Lake Elementary School, the planned project will expand and renovate areas supporting core programs such as music, art, special education, physical education, and food service area. Administrative space will be reconfigured to provide visibility to the main entrance and greater building security. Six classrooms will be added to accommodate increased enrollment in early grades and an addition will connect the elementary school to the Red Lake Early Learning Center. This will enable shared food service, physical education spaces, and media center. The estimated cost for this portion of the project is $7.973 million.

• At the Ponemah Elementary School, the current media center will be renovated and expanded to provide appropriate space for technology for educational and student support. The current media center is small and lacks technology. Site improvements will be completed to provide safe bus and parent drop-offs and improve parking, playgrounds and fields. This project is estimated to cost $1.844 million.

The project has been approved based on review and comment criteria in M.S. Secs. 123B.71 and 126C.69. District voters will be asked to approve the borrowing of funds through the capital loan program in an election prior to January 1, 2014.

The total project cost that qualifies for funding under the capital loan provisions is $32,586,000. The local district contribution calculated according to M.S. Sec. 126C.69, subd. 9, is approximately $69,344 and the capital loan request is estimated at $32,516,656.

The district completed long-term facilities planning prior to the 2004 legislative session, developing a plan to bring all district facilities to current education standards. The plan was reviewed and modified in the spring of 2010 resulting in a 40% reduction in estimated costs. Funding was unsuccessfully sought in the 2006- 2013 legislative sessions.

Since the project was last submitted the Legislature for consideration, the District has completed the following projects.

1. 2010: The District received a Federal ARRA Energy Grant ($459,000) to replace the oldest steam boiler plant in the middle/high school. This project was completed in December 2011.

2. 2011: The District received a Federal ARRA Construction Grant ($507,000) to renovate the Alternative Learning Center wing of the High School. This project was completed in August 2011.

3. 2012-2014: The District began a three (3) phase re-roofing project at the middle/high school to address major leaking issues that caused major repairs to ceiling and walls. Phase 1 ($497,000) of the project replaced the roof on the oldest part of the high school. Phase 2 ($454,000) of the re-roofing project replaces the roof on the oldest part of the middle school. Phase 3 ($300,000) of the re-roofing project will replace the roof on the Alternative Learning Center wing that was renovated in 2011.

The District paid for these projects by transferring general education funding to capital improvement. The funding transfer required increasing class sizes in the elementary, middle and high schools and decreasing two (2) bus routes.

Applying a construction cost escalation factor of 3% per year, the cost of the project as originally submitted to the 2012 Legislature is $34,827 million. A review and update of the plan to include the aforementioned projects that were completed during 2010-2013, finds that the project will be able to be completed for $32,586,000.


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