Bemidji Police Reserves


Bemidji Police Reserves

The Bemidji Police Department is committed to active partnership with the community in order to protect life and property, innovatively solve problems, enhance the safety and quality of life and to provide exemplary police service by enforcing the law in a just and impartial manner.

Volunteers can be an important part of an organization and are proven to be a valuable asset to law enforcement agencies. It is the policy of the Bemidji Police Department to utilize qualified volunteers for specified tasks and duties that can create efficiencies for the department and improve services to the community. The Police Reserves Program is a very important link to achieve the Bemidji Police Department’s mission and vision statements.

The Bemidji Police Department is implementing the Police Reserves Program. The Bemidji Police Department is looking for qualified candidates of all ages and backgrounds to join the program. The Bemidji Police Department is looking for responsible individuals who are civic minded and want to make a difference in the Bemidji community. It is not only an excellent opportunity for students who are pursuing a law enforcement career, but for any citizen who is interested in volunteering with the Bemidji Police Department. The Bemidji Police Reserve Unit is made up of men and women who volunteer their time and effort to help make the City of Bemidji a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and play.

Some the duties of a Reserve Officer include:

- Extra patrol for 4th of July Carnival, Beltrami County Fair, School Dances, other public events

- Traffic control during parades and special events

- Provide Vacation Security Checks

- Provide random business security checks

- Collecting found bicycles and other found property

- Securing vehicles waiting for tow trucks ordered by Police Officers

- Enforce City parking ordinances

- Provide security and assistance during major events/disasters

- Assist Police Department when needed

- Must attend required monthly training and meetings

Bemidji Police Reserve Officers will perform their duties in a uniform clearly identifying him/her as a Reserve Officer, use police radios, drive a patrol car clearly identified as a Reserve Officer unit, complete reports, and may often be required to patrol on foot. Reserve Officer will be required, at times, to perform duties on weekends, late at night and early in the morning.

To be considered the requirements include:

- Be at least 18 years of age and of good moral character

- A U.S. Citizen

- No felony convictions including pardon or expunged

- No theft convictions of any level

- No assault convictions of any level

- Must possess a valid drivers license

- Must not falsify any information in this application or during the application process

- Undergo a thorough background check and interview process

Successful applicants appointed to the position of a Bemidji Police Reserve Officer will have to meet additional requirements.

The Bemidji Police Department is accepting applications from September 16 to September 30, 2013. Successful applications will be required to complete the Bemidji Police Reserve Training Academy which will be held every Sunday night from October 13 to December 8, 2013. The training sessions will start at 6:00 pm on those days and will be 2-3 hours long.

Applications can be found on the City of Bemidji Website or they can be picked up at Bemidji City Hall.


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