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Ojibwemowin Revitalization Celebration Pow-wow held in Little Rock - P5

On Wednesday, August 14, 2013, the Ojibwemowin Revitalization Celebration Pow-wow was held at the Little Rock Ball Field.

There they celebrated the Ojibwe language, listened to Ojibwe speakers and honor songs, enjoyed a walleye feast, capped by a community giveaway and games and prizes for the kids.

All Ojibwe speakers and reservation community members were welcome, and there were over 300 in attendance.

The Red Lake Constitution Reform Booth also had on hand flyers and surveys, giving away shirts to those that took part.

Coordinated by Red Lake Economic Development and Planning, a similar event was held in Ponemah on June 26, 2013. Both events were part of revitalizing the Ojibwe language.

Red Lake Nation Language Revitalization Plan

Vision and Mission: It is our vision that within 10 years Red Lake will have a younger generation of fluent speakers that promote the language and culture in our communities and act as leaders for the next seven generations. It is our mission to promote this vision through an immersion school as well as through a variety of other initiatives.

Red Lake Immersion School Project

Partners: Red Lake School District, contributing resources (i.e. space and teachers)

Red Lake Head Start, contributing resources (i.e. space and teachers)

Red Lake Nation College, partnering on various activities

Niigaane Immersion School, contributing guidance and experiential resources


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