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Red Lake woman charged with murder

RED LAKE -- Nearly two weeks after the stabbing death of Byron Lussier, the 50-year-old Red Lake man’s family is still dealing with the consequences of his passing.

Christopher Lussier, 30, said his father died as a result of a brutal attack at the hands of Allison Ann Brown, 25, of Red Lake, the woman charged in federal court last week with one count of murder in the stabbing.

“The family’s still hurt, you know, confused,” Christopher Lussier said. “My dad left a 6-month-old son, and that’s difficult getting him used to not having his parents around.”

Christopher Lussier said the boy, Bryon Lussier, is now in the care of Christopher and his sister, one of two daughters born to Byron. The mother of the child, who Christopher said was Brown’s aunt, left Red Lake following Byron’s death.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis, police were called just after 4:22 a.m. July 4 to Byron Lussier’s home. There, police found him on the floor with “multiple stab wounds,” according to a press release from U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones.

Lussier was taken to Red Lake Hospital where he was later pronounced dead, the release stated. Witnesses told police that Brown and Lussier were arguing, and that Brown stabbed Lussier with a kitchen knife before fleeing the home, according to the press release.

“I hope she gets the time she deserves,” said Christopher Lussier, a security guard for the Red Lake Housing Authority.

Brown faces a maximum penalty of life in prison if convicted.

Christopher Lussier said his father was “a good man,” and that Brown may have taken Byron Lussier’s “kindness for a weakness.” Now, Christopher and his sister are grappling with how to tell 6-month-old Bryon of the events that transpired early July 4, once the child is old enough to understand.

“I’m going to tell him his dad got murdered. ... Can’t lie to him,” Christopher said. “He got murdered in his house and he died where he sat. He died where he sat and watched TV.”

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