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CASTING CALL for film - "The Jingle Dress"

Interested in acting in a feature length film?

There is a casting call for the feature length film (a contemporary Native story - see the character breakdown below) scheduled for Monday July 15 beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the Twin Cities. If anyone is interested, please email Stacy Thunder with your name, contact information, and list any acting experience to


John Red Elk (40s) *lead, husband and father, straight up guy

Elsie Red Elk (35-40) *lead, wife and mother, holds the family together

Rose (7-8) *lead, compelling little girl. major focus of the film

Chris (18) *lead, good kid learning the ways of the inner city

Janet (40) *smart, street savvy,community organizer

Rik (40) *dis-functional, drinker, we love to hate him

Dan (18) *fringe of delinquency

Jame(18) *fringe of delinquency

Buddy (18) *fringe of delinquency

Nobby (40-50) *lives on the rez. goes with the flow

Marvin (45-55) *sort of a sad sack

Buff (60) *big, gruff, veteran, has demons but a sense of humor to control


Bill (50) *good guy helping where he can

Wolf (20) *on spiritual quest

Roberta (30s) *secretary-ish

Matty (80-90) *very old, very wise, sassy

Jimi (40s) *goofball

Aunt (70s) *a little bitter

Grandma (70-80) *sees the whole picture

Boss (50) *slick, drives a Caddy

Dale (60) *mellow, seen a lot

Uncle Hawk (70) *pipe carrier, honorable

Carl (60s) *just hanging around the neighborhood

Uncle Norton (70)


Stacey Thunder


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