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Red Lake Foods Sets up Fireworks Store - P3

The first of its kind in Red Lake, Red Lake Foods has set up a Fireworks Store which runs out of a tent on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

Located near the C-Store and the Red Lake Casino Events Center on Highway 89, they started the venture about a week ago and operate from 9 AM to 9 PM daily. They expect to stay open at least until July 7, 2013, but depending on business, could remain open longer.

Most people wanting fireworks had to travel to another state where fireworks sales were allowed. The majority traveled to Grand Forks, North Dakota or purchased them from bootleggers.

Inside their tent is a wide variety of fireworks, ranging in price from a few dollars, to some sets selling for over $200.00.

People who have visited the Fireworks Store have said their prices are less expensive that traveling to Grand Forks, also, and they are just as competitive.

A sign also sat in plain view addressed to minors and non-residents of the Red Lake Reservation. It said, "Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, as no one under 18 may purchase fireworks."

The sign was also for non-residents of the Red Lake Reservation. It stated: "Purchase and off-reservation possession of certain types of fireworks without local government permits may be in violation of State statutes."

Certain fireworks are illegal in the State of Minnesota. Red Lake Tribal law allows the sale and possession of most fireworks found in other states that allow them.


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justme writes:

Awesome. I think that this is we great idea. Props to all who pushed for this. We the people.

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