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Changes taking place at Redby One-Stop and the Rez'traunt

Redby Garage closes

I can't keep up with all the changes that Deb & Doug and Mark are coming up with in Redby!! It's a classic case of “give 'em an inch” and they'll take over a NEW BIGGER BETTER MORE CONVENIENT convenience store!!

Mark ended a good 15 year run in the Redby Garage until it wasn't “convenient” for customers anymore. Doug felt the “inconvenience” for the Rez'traunt customers because of the too cold in the winter/ too hot in the summer syndrome.

And Deb was “JUST RIGHT” in the newly remodeled Redby's One-Stop!

And that was their Aha Moment.. together again..!!

Rome wasn't built in a day.. the new Redby Bridge won't be built in a don't expect the new enterprise to be operational in the snap of a finger. All I know for sure is that it will be awesome and CONVENIENT.

Groceries.. Gas.. Pizzas..Subs.. Ice Cream.. and a lot of surprises in store also.So...

Stay tuned and stay hungry.

Judy Lussier

Redby One-Stop


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