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Reading Specialist - Red Lake School District #38


Posted June 11, 2013

Red Lake School District #38 is accepting applications for the following position

JOB TITLE: Reading Specialist

REPORTS TO: Building Principal

JOB PURPOSE: The Reading Specialist shall teach students, monitor the reading program and coach other teachers. The Reading Specialist shall work closely with administration, teachers and support staff to develop and maintain high levels of data collection and analysis to problem solve and drive effective decision making about reading programs and instruction. Facilitate interpreting data for coaching to inform reading instructional practice for improvement. Assist Principal with ongoing development of PLT’s and reading instruction. Collaborate, communicate and coordinate with MDE, Regional Center of Excellence for delivery of professional development related to instruction and literacy coaching and program development. Coordinate Reading, Writing processes on the type and intensity of intervention models for staff.


The Reading Specialist shall:

1. Have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a licensure in Elementary or Middle School,

2. Have completed a reading licensure program,

3. Have passed the Minnesota Test Licensure Examinations (MTLE),

4. Demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of reading processes and instruction,

5. Demonstrate knowledge and experience working with adult learners,

6. Demonstrate ability to use a wide variety of instructional practices, approaches, methods, and curriculum materials to support reading instruction,

7. Demonstrate ability to use a variety of assessments and practices to plan and evaluate effective reading instruction,

8. Demonstrate experience interpreting formative and summative data,

9. Demonstrate ability and experience conducting small and large group presentations,

10. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication and interpersonal skills,

11. Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to implement effective teaching strategies and interventions,

12. Demonstrate experience implementing instructional coaching strategies,

13. Demonstrate experience coordinating long-term, substantive, coherent professional development,

14. Demonstrate experience coordinating reading, writing interventions with instructional staff,

15. Demonstrate knowledge about Red Lake Nation culture and communities,

16. Fulfill requirements for mandatory background check,

17. Have good moral character and a strong work ethic.


1. Provide coaching and instructional support for all teachers and administrators,

2. Gather, organize, synthesize and present data to diverse audiences,

3. Effectively interpret formative and summative data, communicate results, problem solve and collaboratively make decisions that significantly impact reading instructional practices and student achievement,

4. Promote a school wide philosophy of literacy supported by research and theory that integrates technology and new literary practice,

5. Meet weekly with Principal and other staff to plan, implement and evaluate effective teaching strategies and interventions and the reading program,

6. Provide reading instruction for students,

7. Facilitate co-teaching, modeling lessons and coaching around assessment practices and data use to inform instruction through data discussions in Professional Learning Teams (PLT’s) and grade level teams to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

8. Assist the Principal in supporting PLT’s and grade level teams.

9. Facilitate ongoing coaching around Instruction Focused PLT’s that use data to inform instruction to improve student learning and achievement.

10. Collaborates with MDE and the North Regional Center of Excellence on data related communication and delivery of professional development and instructional and data coaching at the school.

11. Coordinate ongoing long term substantive coherent professional development of reading for staff using student reading data to identify student needs, instructional materials and programs specific to RtI and Reading Workshop.


1. District application and professional resume.

2. Provide required documentation outlined in the qualifications above.

3. Three letters of reference from education professionals

4. Employment interview.

EMPLOYMENT TERMS: Per Teachers’ Master Agreement

To apply send complete District application, cover letter, resume, and credentials send to: Willie Larson, Business Manager, Red Lake School District #38, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671. Position open until filled


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