Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

Noted Medicare experts are available for comment on the findings of the 2013 Medicare Trustees Report

The newest Medicare Trustees Report will be released on Friday, May 31, 2013. The report is a detailed accounting and projection of Medicare’s trust funds over the short and long term, and is expected to show costs slowing which means good news for the program's future.

For generation after generation Medicare has been providing health security for millions of Americans. During a period when Medicare costs have grown at a historically low rate, the 2013 report is expected to show that the program’s solvency remains firm.

With more than 50 million beneficiaries and their families relying on Medicare to meet health needs it is clear, Medicare does a better job of controlling health care costs than private health plans and recent changes have served to improve the program and preserve its viability for current and future beneficiaries.


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