Babaamaajimowinan (Telling of news in different places)

What's in, what's out as 2013 session closes

Income tax increase: Married couples filing jointly making more than $250,000 in taxable income and singles earning $150,000 will pay a new 9.85 ­percent tax rate on income above those levels.

Cigarette tax increase: Taxes on cigarettes will go up by $1.60 under the tax bill, more than doubling the tax per pack.

Alcohol tax increase: There won’t be an increase. In the final deal, lawmakers and the governor decided to leave the booze tax alone.

Sales tax on clothing: Despite much talk, lawmakers agreed not to tax clothing.

“Snowbird” tax increase: The state won’t try to capture income taxes from people who live half the year in Minnesota and half out of state.

Vikings stadium funding: Some of the increased cigarette tax revenue will be used to provide backup funding for the state’s share of building the new stadium.

Minimum wage increase: It did not happen. Early in the session, DFL lawmakers made increasing the minimum wage a top priority. But House and ­Senate leaders did not agree on a rate.

Mayo/Rochester rebuild: Lawmakers infused $585 million in state and local tax dollars into Rochester to spruce up the town and allow building of what Mayo is calling its “Destination Medical Center.”

All-day kindergarten: This key DFL goal will be funded and will begin in the fall of 2014. Districts will have the option of providing or not providing all-day kindergarten, but it will be free for parents where it is offered.

Early childhood scholarships: Another DFL goal funded, increasing money available to needy parents.

Tuition freeze: With $250 million in new state spending on higher education approved by the Legislature, the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will freeze state tuition.

Immigrant tuition: Under the “Dream Act” in the higher-ed bill, undocumented students who attended Minnesota high schools for at least three years and want to become citizens will be allowed to get in-state tuition and be eligible for grants. About 750 students are expected to be eligible.

Nursing-home workers raises: Nursing home caregivers will get a 5 percent pay increase, their first in years.

Capitol improvement: Renovation of the State Capitol will continue with $109 million from a bonding bill approved Monday. The $176 million measure also has $18.9 million for a new Minneapolis Veterans Home building and $20 million for flood mitigation work.

Lawmaker salary: Legislators did not raise their salaries but did put a constitutional amendment on the 2016 ballot to give the power over their pay to an independent panel.

Gas tax increase: It won’t happen. Nor will a metro sales tax for transit.

Unionization: A bill passed allowing home child-care providers and personal care assistants to decide whether to unionize.

Same-sex marriage: As of Aug. 1, same-sex marriage will be legal in Minnesota.


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