BluePearl to Participate in Free Annual Dental Exams for Service Dogs


MINNEAPOLIS – In June, dentists from BluePearl Veterinary Partners are scheduled to participate in the second annual American Veterinary Dental College Service Dog Oral Healthcare Exam program.

Free oral healthcare examinations will be provided by BluePearl’s board certified dentists for guide dogs, handicapped assistance dogs, working dogs, military dogs and search and rescue dogs.

To ensure America’s service dogs are able to perform at peak efficiency, dentists will examine the dogs to look for signs of periodontal disease, fractured teeth, discolored teeth, oral masses and other oral and dental diseases that can cause pain or discomfort. If oral or dental abnormalities are found, a plan will be provided to the owner to determine if they would like to proceed with treatment.

Owners and handlers of service animals who have been certified from a formal training program, or enrolled in a training program can register on-line between now and June 15, at the AVDC website: Once registered, owners or handlers will receive a registration number and a list of participating veterinary dentists in their area whom they can contact to schedule an appointment. Times may vary and appointments are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dr. Donnell Hansen, a board certified specialist in veterinary dentistry with BluePearl, will be participating in the program at BluePearl Veterinary Partners referral hospitals located at 11850 Aberdeen St. NE, in Blaine on June 13, and at 7717 Flying Cloud Dr., in Eden Prairie on June 20.

If oral or dental abnormalities are found, a plan will be provided to the owner to determine if they would like to proceed with treatment, with approval from their primary care veterinarian.

About BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Formed in 2008, BluePearl Veterinary Partners employs more than 1,000 people including approximately 250 veterinarians. BluePearl hospitals are referral-only and don’t provide primary care. Most BluePearl hospitals offer 24-hour emergency care services. BluePearl is one of the world’s principal providers of approved veterinary residency and internship educational programs. BluePearl also participates in and conducts clinical trials to study the effectiveness of new drugs and treatments, which give clients access to cutting-edge medicine not yet commercially available and improves the quality of care delivered to our patients.


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