Missing person - Matthew Pulis, age 31, of Bemidji


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Matthew Pulis, age 31, of Bemidji was last seen at a bar in downtown Bemidji in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 20, 2012. His electronic media devices have not been accessed or used since that time nor has his bank account. Matthew does not own a vehicle or drive. He has not been heard or seen from by his employer or family. Numerous leads and search efforts have not resulted in locating Mr. Pulis.

The Bemidji Police Department is looking for any information concerning Matthew’s whereabouts. Citizens are encouraged to call 218-333-9111 or the Detective in charge of the case, Mike Solheim at 218-333-8373, if they have any information regarding Matthew’s location. In addition, Matthew is encouraged to contact family or law enforcement and advise them of his status.


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