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'Star Wars' to become first film translated into Navajo

The original "Star Wars" film is to become the first Hollywood movie to be redubbed in Dine, the language of the Navajo.

Officials at the Navajo Nation Museum in Arizona are working with executives at Lucasfilm to translate "May the force be with you" and other classic sci-fi lines into the language of the Native American tribe.

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The Navajo revamp marks the 40th time the George Lucas film has been translated.

A spokeswoman for the Navajo Nation Museum says, "By preserving the Navajo language and encouraging Navajo youth to learn their language, we will also be preserving Navajo culture."

Auditions for actors who can speak Navajo and dub the voices for characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Han Solo will be held next month, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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