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Stacey Parkhurst-Loch Family Thank You

We, the family of Stacey Parkhurst-Loch would like to thank the following people for all the strength and support they gave us: Young Kingbird Drum Group for honoring Stacey with the songs. Cheryl Schoenborn, Tanya Holthusen, Lilah Beaulieu, George Parkhurst, Amber Parkhurst, Wanda Parkhurst ,Emily Parkhurst- Johnson, Fred Auginash, Junior Jones, Wilma Roy-Mondragon, Mary Ann Cook, Leon Barrett, Delayna Donnell, Jack Desjarlait, Tim Sumner, Shari Lussier, Jackie Sayers, Betty Parkhurst, Tim Barrett, Lylah May, Jan Roberts, Otis Strong, Michelle Reynolds, Maynard Johns, Carolyn Beaulieu, Neoka Donnell, Rhonda Garrigan, Marlys Schoenborn, Shelby Lussier, Debbie Lussier, Pat Graves, Kelly Schoenborn, Sharon Beaulieu, Billie Jean Schoenborn, Karen White, Candy Beaulieu, Jim Parkhurst, Tyrone Schoenborn, Craig Graves Jr., Arlie Jourdain, Chris Parkhurst, Charlie Parkhurst, Joey Parkhurst, Rose Head, Jasemine Head, Tom & Nicole Charnoski Jr., Felicia Cloud, Tina Beaulieu, Floyd Jourdain Jr., Bill May Sr., Red Lake Tribal Council & Seven Clans Casino. Thank you for the flowers, cards, kind words, hugs, and visiting with us. Everything our family & friends did for us was greatly appreciated. We are sorry if we forgot anyone.

Chi Miigwech,

Mott, Jan, Chelle & Tera


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