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Two taken to the hospital following violent rollover crash

BEMIDJI – The impact of a Chevy Monte Carlo slamming into a snow bank was brutal enough to rip the front bumper from the car, and knock a man unconscious.

Two people were taken to the hospital following the car’s rollover in Northern Township Wednesday night.

A man taken from the flipped, newer model Monte Carlo was unresponsive as paramedics secured him on a stretcher and put him in an ambulance. They could be heard trying to wake the man.

A woman, who like the man was in a neck brace and locked to a stretcher, could be heard moaning and crying as paramedics loaded her into the ambulance.

Their conditions were not immediately available, and police wouldn’t release any information at the scene – just north of Newby’s Market on Irvine Avenue Northwest – saying the crash was still under investigation.

But it appeared the car, sitting on its roof in a snow bank on the east side of Irvine Avenue, was the only vehicle involved. No other cars were present as of 7 p.m., about 20 minutes after the wreck was reported.

The impact of the crash separated the front bumper from the car and smashed its roof and windows. The bumper lay about 10-feet from the upside-down sedan.

Coffee black skid marks laced the north and southbound lanes, and the vehicle’s path through thick, roadside snow could easily be seen.

The ages and identities of the pair involved were not immediately available.


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