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CodeRED Tips and Tricks for Registering or Opting Out


The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management/Communications has a few tips on the CodeRED system for our citizens wishing to register or to opt out of the system.

INITIAL INFORMATION: the system will only accept one entry of any phone number. If you have already put your number in and it rejects you, it is because it is already in there. The address is important as it will ensure you get notification for your specific locations. However, you can register that address as many times as necessary to ensure all of your people who live or work there have their phone numbers in the system.

REGISTRATION: if you did not receive a CodeRED call during the past three weeks, please log onto our Beltrami County website,, (the City of Bemidji and City of Kelliher also have links posted) click on the CodeRED link in the middle of the page (if you did receive a call on your home phone you do NOT have to do this-you are already in the system). This will bring you to a registration page. Fill in the required fields and make sure you have your complete proper address with directional included. There are two spaces there for phone numbers. If you have more you want to enter, simply start over, create a new registration page and put those numbers in under your name or a family member’s name. If you have created an account with username and password, you can go back into that account, erase the numbers already registered, and enter additional. Deleting numbers will NOT take them out of the system.

CELL PHONES: registering cell phones require that you use the drop down menu to indicate which cell service you have. If you did not put this information in when you registered your cell phone you will not receive a call. You will need to reenter that information. If you have a TRACFone or other off the shelf cell, you will need to determine the model of the phone, and then call the store you bought it from or look it up on the internet to determine which cell company manufactured your phone. Once you have that information, pick the appropriate cell company from the list. ALL of these types of phones are originally made by the major cell companies and then sold to big box stores to resell.

EMAIL: if you wish to receive an email notification make sure the email address is entered exactly.

OPTING OUT: If you do not wish to receive Code Red Notifications, we have a form available either at the Law Enforcement Center or soon, on the Beltrami County web site under Emergency Management. Once you have completed that opt out form, we will remove you from the system. We need to document your request and obtain your signature in order to delete you from the system.

Beltrami County Emergency Management has a Facebook page now (Beltrami County Emergency Management). We will be posting this information on that as well. We want to thank all the folks who have given us the thumbs up. We very much appreciate the support.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email or 218-333-8320 or ask on Facebook and our Facebook expert Assistant Emergency Management Director, Chris Muller, will get back to you.

Mrs. Beryl Wernberg, 911 Supervisor/EM Director

Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office

613 Minnesota Ave NW

Bemidji MN 56601



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