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On December 12, 2012, the Court filed an Order which directs the Claims Administrator to commence distribution of payments to the living members of the Historical Accounting Class no later than December 24, 2012. A description of the eligibility requirement for the Historical Accounting Class is contained in the Detailed Notice on page 5 under item 6. That notice can be viewed at the “Detailed Notice” tab at the left of this screen. We anticipate commencing check distribution the week of December 17th. Please note that payments to certain groups of Class Members (minors, persons with whereabouts unknown, individuals under legal disability, and adults in need of assistance) will be deposited directly into the Class Member's IIM account. Payments to Class Members that are known to be deceased will not be mailed with the initial distribution. The Court has ordered that estate payments be delivered to the personal representative, administrator or executor of the estate or pursuant to a final probate order. If you have any information regarding the estate of a Class Member that is deceased please provide it to the Claims Administrator by calling 1-800-961-6109.

In addition, based on Interior’s records, almost 40,000 Historical Accounting Class members are shown as “whereabouts unknown,” and another 10,000 have no contact information in the records furnished by Interior. If you are a member of the Historical Accounting Class and are not currently receiving statements on your IIM account from the government, then you need to provide contact information to the Claims Administrator by calling 1-800-961-6109 or entering the information on this site by accessing the File a Claim/Register to Participate tab to the left.

Finally, the Court has entered a final deadline for submission of claims for the Trust Administration Class. Any claim forms must be postmarked by March 1, 2013. If you need to fill out a claim form you can access it to the left at the File a Claim/Register to Participate tab. If you have already filled out a claim form and/or need to update your contact information you can do so by accessing the Update Your Contact Information tab also to the left. Again, any claim forms must be postmarked by March 1, 2013.


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