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The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management would like to remind our citizens of the potential risk damaged trees pose following the destructive straight-line wind storms on July 2nd and July 4th, 2012. A large number of trees remain standing, but are damaged, fractured, and weakened as they were battered by wind, rain, and hail during these storms. In the event of a heavy snow or ice accumulation and combination of wind, these weakened trees will likely succumb to the weight of snow and ice and fall to the ground or across power and utility lines.

Winds well in excess 85 miles per hour on July 2nd carved a path of extensive tree damage across a large part of southern Beltrami County, followed by winds in excess of 70 miles per hour across most of the county on July 4th. As the leaves fell from trees this season and visibility into our forests improved, it revealed just how extensive damage to our wooded areas is following these storms.

If you observe an area where damaged trees pose a risk to utility lines, contact the appropriate utility company and advise them of the situation so the risk can be mitigated. In the event of a winter storm causing downed power lines, assume the line is active and report it to 911 immediately. Do not cross downed power lines.

Beltrami County will likely be feeling the effects of these destructive storms for years to come. Downed timber will continue to dry out and will be a wildfire concern as it was this fall with the severe drought conditions. The weakened trees will also be susceptible to future storms in the coming years.

Christopher Muller, Emergency Management Assistant Director

Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office

613 Minnesota Ave NW

Bemidji, MN 56601



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