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Red Lake Pharmacy: Infants’ Acetaminophen Dosing Has Changed


What you need to know:

Manufacturers are changing the amount (concentration) of acetaminophen in medicines for infants. Before this change, liquid acetaminophen products for infants were a different concentration than liquid acetaminophen for older children. Moving forward, both infants’ and children’s acetaminophen will be the same strength to standardize concentration and dosing across all single-ingredient liquid acetaminophen products.

During the transition, you may find acetaminophen products with both old and new concentrations on store shelves and in your home. Both are safe to use, but remember to check the concentration, always read the label, and follow the dosing instructions.

You can find the concentration for the medicine on the front of the medicine bottle. The new concentration is 160mg/5mL. Ask your healthcare provider if you have any questions or if you are dosing a child under 2 years of age.


Always read and follow the label on all medicines.

Always put your medicine up and away and out of sight to avoid accidental ingestion by curious children.

Use only the dosing device (dropper, syringe or cup) that comes with the product.

Whenever possible, use weight to determine your child’s dose.

Otherwise, use age.

Never give adult medicines to children.

Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if you have any questions.


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