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Minnesota Chippewa Expecting Funds with Possible Passage of Nelson Act


Washington D.C. (Northlands NewsCenter) -- The Chippewa tribes of Minnesota are one step closer to cashing in on lost funds, dating back to the 1940's.

The Nelsen Act has passed the Senate and is awaiting President Obama's signature.

The bill unlocks money from reservation timber and land sales that were handled improperly; a lawsuit was filed in the 40's on behalf of the Minnesota Chippewa.

It was settled for 20 Million dollars in the 90's.

Now, lawmakers freed these funds to be dispensed to the six Chippewa bands in the state of Minnesota.

Fond du Lac Chairwoman Karen Diver says the money will go a long way, especially before winter when heating bills begin.

"There have been generations of Fond du Lac band members who've asked about this, some of them have actually passed away waiting for this so it will be nice to have closure on this very old litigation."

Diver says that Band members will receive close to 900 dollars apiece.

According to the bill, each member will receive 300 dollars, and each Chippewa Tribe will receive an extra three-million.

Diver says Fond du Lac will give the three-million back to the members.


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