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L to R: Charlie Perkins, John Cobenais, Ken Ramondo, Harold Altaha, Orlie Donnell, Joseph Anderson, Robyn Dudley and Ervin Iceman (not pictured Marlon Blue and Daniel Merrill)

What is Go Green Get Healthy HHS?

Go Green Get Healthy HHS is the name for the HHS Sustainability Program. Go Green Get Healthy HHS intends to introduce sustainable practices in every area of operation within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

What does Sustainability mean?

Sustainability means configuring civilization and human activity so that a society and its members are able to meet their needs in the present, while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems indefinitely. In other words, sustainability means living in such a way now, as to not sacrifice the well-being of future generations. Sustainability has a clear connection to health, as living sustainably leads to a healthy, prolonged life, and climate change can lead to detrimental health issues.

FY 2011 HHS Green Champions

84 Submissions from 9 OPDIVs and STAFFDIVs

29 Winners

Award recipients are selected from outstanding HHS employees and Native American tribal members involved in various sustainability projects and programs in numerous

IHS - Red Lake Hospital Energy Reduction Project

Ken Ramondo, PE, Facility Manager, Red Lake Hospital

The Red Lake Hospital was constructed and opened in 1981. The facility was well maintained but is old and requires updates. In 2008 an energy audit was completed at the Red Lake Hospital. Findings from the audit were reviewed and utilized by Facility Manager and leadership team to develop/secure funding for multiple energy projects. In 2008/2009 the Red Lake hospital was in the process of hiring a contractor to expand/renovate facility. The energy projects identified were added to contract package. The energy saving improvements consisted of the following: replacement of entire hospital roof, replacement of all three hospital boilers, replacement of vestibule windows, replacement of three air handling units (AHU’s), replacement of the facility chiller, installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) on the three AHU’s, and installation of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) to replace the original pneumatic HVAC control system. The expansion/renovation work and energy projects were completed in October 2010. The total cost of the energy projects was $1.9 million. The hospital energy usage for 2003 (baseline year), 2010, and 2011 was respectively 243,000 BTU’s/gross square foot (BTU’s/gsf); 206,000 BTU’s/gsf; and 158,000 BTU’s/gsf. During 2003 through 2010, usage was reduced by 37,000 BTU’s/gsf, or 15% or approximately 2% per year. During 2011 usage was reduced by 48,000 BTU’s/sf or 23% per year over 11 times previous average year. The new, low maintenance HVAC equipment will save the hospital operational funding (labor, fuel, machinery, etc.). The projected savings has not been quantified to date. The replacement of non-efficient traditional HVAC equipment with energy star equipment can be accomplished in any region. The use of DDC and VFD's is quite common today and benefits are straight forward. Replacing a 1980’s design roof with an energy efficient style roof again is quite common. These projects improved efficiency, reduced energy use, and save the hospital funding.

Congratulations to the Red Lake Hospital Maintenance staff for a job well done!


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