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Health Screenings available at the Red Lake Hospital


According to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer:

How many cases and deaths are estimated to occur in 2011? In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women, as well as an estimated 57,650 additional cases of in situ breast cancer. In 2011, approximately 39,520 women are expected to die from breast cancer. Only lung cancer accounts for more cancer deaths in women.

How many women alive today have ever had breast cancer? The National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 2.6 million US women with a history of breast cancer were alive in January 2008, more than half of whom were diagnosed less than 10 years earlier.3 Most of these individuals were

cancer-free, while others still had evidence of cancer and may have been undergoing treatment.

According to the American Cancer Society for Cervical Cancer:

New cases: An estimated 12,170 cases of invasive cervical cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2012. Incidence rates have declined over most of the past several decades in both white and African American women. Since 2004, rates have decreased by 2.1% per year in women younger than 50 years of age and by 3.1% per year in women 50 and older.

Deaths: An estimated 4,220 deaths from cervical cancer are expected in 2012. Mortality rates declined rapidly in past decades, due to prevention and early detection as a result of screening with the Pap test, but have slowed in recent years. From 2004 to 2008, rates decreased by 2.6% per year in African American women and were stable in white women.


At this time, the American Cancer Society is offering a $10 gift card voucher to Wal-Mart as an incentive for women to receive these very important screenings. Sound good? All you need to do is call Red Lake Hospital to schedule your appointment today. If it has been 3 years since your last Pap smear or 2 years since your last mammogram, you will receive your voucher once your examination is complete.

Please call scheduling at the following numbers to pre-schedule your appt.

Beth 679-0110

Heather 679-3355

The Staff at Red Lake Hospital


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