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After 43 years, The Other Store is closing

J-Mart will reopen at newly remodeled Redby Garage


February second, 1969.. scared to death to start my first day of work at Glynn's Store... known and loved as Staberg's Store for well over three decades... How could I possibly take Melvin and Darlene's place; clerk.. friend.. member.. Well, maybe Frank and I can do it for a few years...

Those few years turned into 43 years in the blink of an eye.. (but I'm only 39 years old!) And you, my friends, have been a witness to all of it. Mike Head gave me a sign that's still posted

There's not much to see in a small town, but what you HEAR makes up for it.

Well, my friends ( and a few enemies?) you have seen it all and heard it all ( some stories not as true as others) about the life and times of Judy, Deb and Mark. But this is one of the hardest stories I've had to write.

The Other Store is closing.. moving.. and opening again in the newly remodeled Redby Garage..!! Yup, THOSE rumors are true.

Mark, Doug, Joel and a host of others have been working for months to make room for all of The Other Store products. After all, it has been the largest “department store” on the east end of Redby! Groceries, pop and chips, pizzas, bakery. Anyone as old as me? Remember the clothing? Hardware? Dry goods? And sundries? which prompted me to say we have everything from booties to burial ribbon.

We've tried valiantly to keep the old girl (the store, not me) in an up-right position.. but she's tired and seems to want to lie down. After all, she is over a hundred years old! (the store, not me!!)

Yes, John Dudley, I agree with you.. this is not just a store, it's an institution!! warts and all. But we have a couple new generations in Redby now that don't have that sense of history and they.. and we old-timers too.. deserve a nice, SAFE, and more spacious store to shop in. Deb, Mark and Doug are determined to put the “convenience” in this new convenience store.

Everyone's got questions.. me as much as you.. the kids are doing all the planning (and yay, all the work too!) They took it as truth when I started telling people that I'm not the boss anymore.. I'm the queen.. cuz queens DON'T DO ANYTHING!! But this is the plans for Redby Garage & Other Store, TOO!!

Mark, Sheldon and the crew will still perform magic on your cars, and trucks, and sell new and used parts, tires, and b---.s---. And maybe even a kid or two if someone offers more than a quarter! Phone # 679-3715

Deb, Doug and their crew will still perform magic by having all the WIC items you'll need, and groceries, cigarettes, gas, with new and fun things added all the time. And of course PIZZAS.. SUBS..BREAKFAST SANDWICHES.. and the other good food you're used to at The Other Store. Every cold food item is food stamp accepted.

And the Bakery! Place your order at the Convenience Store, and pick it up at the Convenience Store.. can't get any more convenient than that!! Phone # 679-3655

And Chuck and Me? Still in the old house just a different entry door. We're taking bets on whether either of us will lose weight when we don't have our huge “pantry” anymore. (don't count on it) And we're gonna be lonesome.. so come visit. 679-3666

So, what's gonna happen to the “Old Girl”?? Again, the store not me!! We're gonna give it a vacation.. let her rest for awhile.. and when I win the lottery (yes, it would take a million to resurrect her!)..... who knows..

Antique store? Movie theater? Permanent rummage sale? Dance hall? Registered Historical Building? Photography studio for Doug? (he takes awesome pictures!!)

I do know that she will be missed.. This old store has always been a destination.. Iwediibezig Adaawewigamig.. The Other Store.. The kids and my home for 43 years. Words can never express how grateful we are for the love and friendship you all have given us. We promise to keep giving it back as long as you will let us.

Chi Miigwetch ..Judy, Deb Mark Doug Chuck and our wonderful crews.


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