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2-Year-Quest: Midwest Deep-Woods Giant


Clayton Roberts Sr. on Sunday the 13th of November, 2011

Posted On: December 29, 2011

Hey there Mike, (Mike Hanback), how are ya? Well, I’ve got some pretty exciting news. You had a blog last year with trail camera pictures I was getting of some giants. The drop-tine buck still hasn’t shown back up, but the big non-typical (Gray Ghost) had still been using the ridge I hunt quite often. He was on his downfall, but still one heck of a deer.

Sunday the 13th of November I was in my climber. Wind was perfect, it was cold with an overcast sky. A perfect day to be in a tree in other words. Normally in that particular spot I climb up about 10 ft. but for some reason I decided to climb up to around 18 ft. and boy I'm glad I did.

The ridge I hunt runs along a swamp with marsh grass, cattails, and cane; there are 10-ft willows along the edge. About 3:29 p.m. I heard a twig snap. I looked behind my tree but couldn’t see anything. A few seconds later I heard another snap… I figured it was just the wind.

Then I heard a swooshing sound, like ssshhhh, ssshhhh ssshhh.... I turned to look in the direction and there he was, making his way through the marsh grass! I grabbed my rifle and put the crosshairs behind his shoulder; he stopped broadside at about 75 yards and looked in my direction. I squeezed the trigger. He rocked, ran another 50 yards and tipped over. A perfect double lung shot.

I sat there in disbelief. I was shaking at the knees and my hands and face went numb. I lost all functions for a few moments--it was unlike anything I had ever experienced in the deer woods. GOD I LOVE WHITETAIL HUNTING!

I called my step dad right away and told him what had happened and that I needed help getting the buck out of the woods. I just sat there; I literally forgot how to climb out of my tree I was that excited!.

Eventually I made my way to the swamp and to the deer. WOW! 14-inch G-2s (one split with a big kicker), 10-inch G-3s, drop tine… This deer had it all! All that hard work and scouting had paid off, it was awesome. It just goes to show, you put in time and effort, play the wind, be patient and good things will happen. I’m a big fan and love watching your show, keep up the good work.--Clayton Roberts Sr.

Clayton, I couldn’t be happier for you. Those are some amazing trail cam pics you got the last 2 years, some of the best I've ever posted on BIG DEER. You stuck it out and killed the Gray Ghost, that’s how you do it man. Great hunting and love your excitement!


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