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System makes public data more accessible


The installation of new policing software will make available to the public more data that previously was more difficult to locate.

There, specifically, are two links on the Beltrami County webpage that are likely to become very popular.

The first is the expanded Beltrami County Jail inmate list. Before, the inmate list consisted solely of the names of those currently incarcerated, but it now provides names, pictures and the status of the alleged crime, charge or court case.

Another link on the Beltrami County website publishes a list of active warrants. Those listed in red are wanted on felony warrants.

In coming weeks and months, the new LETG will allow the public to view crime maps.

In theory, once enough data is accumulated, residents also could search a specific area of Beltrami County to view its crime data. A potential house-buyer might enter the block on which the house is located and see the number and type of calls that have been reported.

“Our goal here is to get a lot of the public data accessible to the public in an easier fashion,” said Phil Hodapp, Beltrami County sheriff.

Law enforcement also is considering expanding its home security options.

Those going out of town can sign up for home security to have their residences checked on while they are gone. For instance, a snowbird couple could register in advance of their leaving to have police check on their home while they are away for the winter.

Law enforcement is considering the idea of allowing those out-of-town homeowners the ability to remotely review the status of those home checks, to see when the last time an officer stopped by.

“That’s something we would like to have in the future,” Hodapp said. “That kind of access to information is really what we’re after here.”

But all of the new features need to be balanced, Hodapp said. Police need to ensure the information isn’t getting out in such a way that potential thieves know which homes are vacant and when.


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