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Red Lake Basketball Court and Other Rec Activities Coming

More In the Works for the Nation’s Members


Aerial view of the site for the new basketball courts for Red Lake

Some might say that Red Lake is all about basketball, and rightly so. The communities of Redby and Ponemah both have brand new courts, complete with free-throw and three-point lines, and first class fencing all around the perimeter. Red Lake community will be getting a new court in the near future, probably next Spring.

Not all youth are about basketball though, and plans are in the works for other activities for youth. “We want to give youth other options”, said Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain, Jr. Plans are in the works for two new skate parks, one in Red Lake, and one in Ponemah, but is a goal for all districts. (Look for a story on the new Skate Parks in another part of this series) The Red Lake Tribal Council views a variety of recreation important for the Nation’s youth.

The Red Lake Band will continue to work to improve parks, recreation areas, and improved playgrounds for smaller children, and other recreational activities for youth and adults. Among concepts being developed for the tribe, according to Sam Strong Director of Red Lake Planning, include bike paths and walkways connecting Red Lake to Redby, as well as a path down Highway 89 to the south boundary.

Indeed, Red Lake Economic Development and Planning has put together something known as the “Red Lake Nation Non-Motorized Transportation Plan,” to be implemented as time and money allow.

Pedestrian, Bicycle and ATV/Motorbike Trail & Sidewalk Concepts for the Red Lake Nation

(Courtesy of Red Lake Economic Development and Planning)

The Red Lake Nation is seeking to establish a plan through which it can address mobility, access, safety and lifestyle issues with good transport services and communication linking people to jobs, health and other local services and destinations.

Primarily, Red Lake is looking to build new sidewalks in its town centers and a shared recreational trail linking the communities to one another. In addition, there is a push for new crosswalks, street lights, and traffic calming treatments.

The Band is hoping that these improvements in conjunction with other efforts will help to alleviate some of the current safety issues which plague the Reservation. In particular, the Nation would like to minimize the occurrence of pedestrian related fatalities and injuries.

The implementation of a non-motorized transportation system will grant Red Lake residents greater accessibility and other important benefits such as improved health and safety as well as transportation benefits that extend beyond the individual user to the general public.

A well-implemented non-motorized transportation system will:

• Provide safe alternative transportation modes for people who do not hold driver’s licenses or have access to a motor vehicle.

This basketball court between Red Lake Housing and Humanities will soon be replaced and re-fenced

• Improve safety, especially for the young and old.

• Encourage healthy lifestyles by promoting regular physical activity.

• Improve aesthetics of the roadways with the addition of attractive infrastructure.

• Create a system that fosters the development of increased social cohesion though providing spaces for social interaction while on foot or bicycle.

There is a strong demand for a non-motorized transportation system in Red Lake Nation to accommodate individuals who want to utilize alternative modes of transportation and to make traversing the reservation easy and safe. Providing this infrastructure will be a great addition the Red Lake community to make non-motorized transportation accessible and part of daily life.


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