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By Michael Barrett

Red Lake IHS Receives National Customer Services Awards P3


This year, as one of IHS Director Yvettees Roubideaux's agency priorities--To Improve the Quality of and Access to Care--she established a new Director's Award for Customer Service and awarded 19 recipients from IHS and tribal programs these awards. The Red Lake IHS Customer Service Task Force was one of the recipients.

The Red Lake IHS Customer Service Task Force, currently with 12 members, received the IHS National Director's for Customer Service Award in Washington, DC in June 2011 and the Direct Services Tribal 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award in Nashville, Tennessee in August 2011.

The Red Lake IHS Customer Service Task Force was formed in March 2010. A partnership coalition between the IHS Service Unit, Tribal Comprehensive Halth Program and the Red Lake Tribal Community, this important task force has implemented major initiatives with the central theme "to build a customer focused and customer driven health care system."

In the last 12 months, the Red Lake IHS Customer Service Task Force has carried out the following actions:

- Monthly Customer Service strategic planning and problem solving meetings;

- Monthly Customer Service Award Program for employees with over 80 nominations and awards for outstanding customer service nominations received in 12 months;

- Conducted Patient Satisfaction Surveys with over 160 responses with over 90% in the meets or exceeds category;

- Patient Satisfaction Boxes and survey's place in all departments throughout the hospital and clinic;

- Provided Customer Service Training for over 200 IHS and Tribal Employees;

- Surveyed customers on recommendations for changes in health care delivery;

- Implemented many changes based on customer input, including establishment of the Same Day Appointment Clinic with dedicated providers, expanded dental providers and reduced waiting time;

- Conducted quarterly community listening sessions;

- Implemented Customer Appreciation Day with over 200 in attendance;

- Developed Red Lake History Power Point presentation for new employees orientation.

The Customer Service Task Force has demonstrated outstanding creativity and exceptional leadership in the implementation of a customer focused health care system in keeping with their motto "Our Circle of Excellence Centers Around our Customers."

Committee members receiving the awards were:

- Roberta Bellanger, Contract Health Services

- Shani Bjerke, Pharmacy

- Charmaine Branchaud, Administration and Chairperson of the committee

- Mary Ann Cook, Nursing

- Fred Desjarlait, Patient Advocacy

- Frank Dickenson, Community Representative

- Val Johns, Property and Supply

- Jane Mattila, Nursing

- Eileen Miller, CHS Diabetes Program

- Luella Morgan, Community Health Nursing

- Cheryl Roberts, Business Office

- Bobby Whitefeather, Finance

The Customer Service Task Force is currently looking for 3 community members who would be interested in sitting on this committee which meets every two weeks. Please call Charmaine Brauchaud or Fred Desjarlait at 679-3912. The only requirement to be on this committee is that you use the facility for your healthcare needs.


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