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Leech Lake Tribal chairman supports Headbird


Recent political editorials and advertisements on Leech Lake Band issues have distorted the facts. Controversies on Leech Lake are primarily because of individuals acting outside the scope and authority of their positions.

Leech Lake Reservation Business Committee (RBC) approves all business then authorizes the Chairman and secretary/treasurer to co-sign official documents. The current 2011 Special Election is to fill the position vacancy created after former Secretary/Treasurer Michael Bongo was recalled by voters for going outside the process and giving out an unauthorized loan of $2.4 million of band funds. Bongo and District 2 Representative Steve White also created a mess when without RBC knowledge they negotiated and signed an agreement with the utility companies to build a power line across our reservation. The original pipeline agreement was rejected by the BIA because District 3 Representative Donald “Mick” Finn signed as the “acting secretary-treasurer.” I was the Secretary/Treasurer.

The 2011 Special Election was overturned due to election tampering by Donald “Mick” Finn and his supporters including District 2 Representative Steve White. Former Chairman George Goggleye’s editorial saying Mick did not get due process and Mike Garbow’s downplaying the election tampering are not true and misleading. The facts are printed in the Debahjimon August 2011 Special Election Edition available online at Both the 2010 and 2011 Elections need to be further investigated.

The fact is Mick doesn’t go door to door to hear what people’s needs and concerns; instead, he campaigns through paid advertisements and mudslinging letters. So when he writes, “The fact is I have not seen or heard from my opponent in some time,” that’s because Donnie Headbird understands something Mick doesn’t; Donnie is campaigning for the secretary/treasurer position, not against his opponent. So, Donnie is out going door-to-door talking to the voters and finding out people’s needs, problems, and concerns. He also doesn’t waste his time and energy fighting the foolishness being slung at him. He trusts that the people see through the lies. Donnie will not waste time in office fighting with everyone but will focus on solutions and making tribal government work for the people and will be responsible to and represent fairly all band members even those who choose not to vote for him. That’s the truth. The runoff election is set for Sept. 27.


Chairman Arthur “Archie” LaRose

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe


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