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New Bridge at Sandy River is Much Safer


The new approach to the new Sandy River Bridge. The approach was straightened, the bridge is sixteen feet wider, and there is a parking area off to the left.

Work has finished on the new Bridge at the Sandy River, a bridge that was long overdue for repair.

“After the bridge collapse in Minneapolis a couple years ago, it was discovered by Red Lake officials that this bridge was listed as unsafe as well”, said Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain, Jr. ”Of course we knew this for a long time, but lacked the resources to construct a new one.”

“The bridge was too narrow”, said Pat Brown, Red Lake DNR Fisheries Program Director. “Two semi’s would almost touch if they crossed at the same time. People would also fish off the narrow bridge and was very dangerous.”

To add to the danger, a very curvy road led up to the bridge, making the approach to the bridge hazardous as well.

In order to deal with these unsafe situations, the bridge was expanded eight feet on each side, the approach to the bridge was straightened, and a parking area was added.

A shot from the new Sandy River bridge toward Red Lake

Now that the bridge has been widened, there’s is plenty of room for pedestrians to walk across the bridge, it’s safer for folks to fish from the bridge, and all are safer from approaching vehicles. To make things even more safe for fishers, a side road and parking area was included off to the lakeside of the bridge. Now fishers can park off highway. There’s even an spot near the parking area to fish the Sandy River as the river flows into Red Lake.

The Sandy River bridge spans one of five or six rivers or creeks that flows into Red Lake, that include the Blackduck, Battle, Mud and Tamarack Rivers, and Shotley Brook. The Red Lake River is the only outlet from Red Lake. Red Lake, at 285,000 acres, is the 6th largest lake in the US behind the Great Lakes, according to Brown.


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