Up to $2500 Reward


The Red Lake Department of Public Safety (RLDPS) has encountered several reports of Arson during the summer months and would like to remind the public that Arson Fires cause hundreds of thousands of dollar damages to tribal properties each year. In addition, there is an increased threat surrounding loss of life of family occupants or responding EMS, Fire Fighter or law enforcement personnel. Arsons result in costs that must be absorbed by the tribal community and the cost of losing a loved one cannot be replaced by any amount of money.

The Arsons reported to law enforcement primarily consist of Mobile and Structural fires and there have been arrest’s regarding some arson reports, but there are still open investigations on several others and the Department is looking for the Communities Assistance in solving open cases.


In addition, the RLDPS wishes to make sure that anyone whom cooperates in solving or providing information leading to the identification of person(s) setting the fire are eligible to receive an award of up to $2,500.00 by calling the Minnesota Arson Reward Project at 1-800-723-2020 or you can call local law enforcement and ask for the Criminal Investigation Division at (218) 679-3313.


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