Pine City Man Achieves Home Ownership Through USDA Rural Development


Adam Brautigan inside his home Pine City. Brautigan used Rural Development's direct home loan program.

After years of paying rent while wishing he could purchase his own home, 29-year-old Adam Brautigan was finally able to do so with the help of USDA Rural Development.

Adam found out about Rural Development’s home loan program from his mother, Mary Kay, who works as a realtor in Pine City.

Adam works at a local retail store, and his wages restricted the amount of money available to put toward a house payment.

“USDA Rural Development serves a clientele that can really use the assistance,” Mary Kay said. “Because of Adam’s life challenges and restricted income, he was unsure of whether he would qualify for a loan that would fit his budget, but Rural Development has a comprehensive application process and programs suited for people with his income.”

After discussing his desire for homeownership with his parents, Adam’s mom and dad purchased an older home that, with some major updates, would be a great match for Adam.They hired some contractors to install new windows, paint the walls, replace sheetrock, and re-wire. Once completed, they came to an agreement with Adam on a purchase price, which is when he applied for a loan through Rural Development.

“It’s nice to have something to call my own,” Adam said. “The privacy that goes along with it is also a major benefit.I enjoy having friends over without worrying about bothering the neighbors.”

Complete with a music room, walls painted in colors to his liking, and furniture and decorations he picked out, Adam is happy and comfortable knowing he’s investing his money in the equity of his own home.


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