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Catholic Church Organized OPERATION PETER PAN

14,000 stolen children from Cuba taken to USA


JULY 27, 2012 - ‘Operation Peter Pan’ is the name assigned to the major trafficking scheme of minors carried out in Cuba between 1960 to 1962.

More than 14,000 children and adolescents were abducted and removed from the island under the pretext of “saving them”. What took place was made to appear as if it was “charity work”, when in fact it was a scheme to increase the lucrative business of trafficking minors and illegal adoptions.

But who was behind Operation Peter Pan? Who benefitted from the trafficking of Cuban children? Who profited from the illegal adoptions of these minors? Who was accomplice to this crime? Who used their infrastructure and credibility to illegally seize these Cuban minors?

Yes, the same criminal organization who participated in the institutional abuse of thousands of children in Ireland… in the aboriginal genocides in Australia and Canada…in the human experimentation with 100,000 Duplessis orphans in Canada, in the theft of 300,000 babies in Spain…in pedophilia throughout the world: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

The catholic clergy in Cuba, America’s “Catholic Charities” organization and more specifically, Monsignor Bryan Walsh who worked under the orders of the Bishop of Miami Coleman Carroll, all played key roles in ‘Operation Peter Pan. In fact, these catholic leaders were the mastermind behind the nightmare experienced by 14,000 Cuban minors… whom the great majority NEVER saw their parents or their families ever again…

The implementation of Operation Peter Pan was based on lies, manipulation and filled entire Cuban families with fear… making them think that their parental rights would be removed and that their children would be sent to Russia. The catholic clergy falsified documents to carry out this evil action… and by doing so, took these minors to the United States where they placed some in catholic orphanages, while others were put up for adoption in more than 35 states… thereby filling the hypocritical deep pockets of the Vatican with dirty money originating from the trafficking of minors…

Operation Peter Pan must be registered in history for what it truly is: another repugnant crime committed by the catholic clergy, with the full knowledge and approval of the Vatican…

Operation Peter Pan was not a good act of the catholic church, nor did it have good intentions… it was a shameless crime, it was kidnapping and trafficking of minors… resulting in the institutional breakage of Cuban families for the simple objective to profit from the illegal adoptions yielded by this operation.

Once again, it is verified that the Roman-catholic church is nothing more than a global group of organized criminals who have preyed on all. In the “name of God” they have robbed, killed, deceived, violated and abused everyone they have come in contact with…

This is why the ‘Protect Your Children’ ( Foundation in collaboration with ( publicly denounces that the pain and crimes committed in Operation Peter Pan are directly related to the catholic clergy – the Vatican - which must therefore be judged and condemned for crimes against humanity.

If you have been a victim of clergy abuse, don’t stay quiet!

Write to us at or visit: (

ABOUT PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FOUNDATION: was established with the purpose of investigating the atrocious crimes committed against children around the world by men and women who use the name of God to gain their trust and commit evil acts against them. The Foundation counts with hundreds of collaborators in 30 nations with the compromise of

unmasking these criminals who most often are never brought to jail.

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