Catholic Church Involved in Transnational Organized Crime

Protect Your Children’ Foundation Unveils Alarming Global Statistical Report Highlighting Vatican’s Crime Schemes


JULY 19, 2011 - Transnational organized crime is considered one of the major threats to human security, impeding the social, economic, and cultural development of societies worldwide. An alarming statistical report unveiled today by the Protect Your Children Foundation proves the Catholic Church to be one of the main international instruments of organized crimes, leading the most abominable felonies against millions of children around the world.

In their worldwide investigation of crimes committed unto children by priests and nuns, the Protect Your Children was able to gather alarming evidence - and as noticeable patterns began to surface, it indicated a duty to document and distribute world alerts.

The report can be viewed or downloaded here:



The Vatican’s multi-faceted crime phenomenon has manifested itself in different activities, among others, trafficking children; organ trafficking, kidnapping, money laundering; etc. In particular, as the newly released statistical chart demonstrates, child trafficking has proven to be one of the main organized crimes of the Catholic Church, generating astronomical profits and a long track record of selling babies in “adoptions”.

The alarming numbers clearly depict how the Vatican has worked closely with national governments, organizations, and civil society (doctors, nurses, social workers, etc) to oversee and cover up organized crime projects that have now been duplicated in various nations.

With collaborators in 30 nations, The Protect Your Children Foundation in collaboration with is committed to collect and expose these crimes from a regional and global perspective to ensure that such information is available to the public to put an end to this abuse.

If you have been a victim of abuse committed by evil men and women who hide behind their collars or religious uniforms, speak out! Enough is enough. Justice will be served. You can write in confidence to:




ABOUT ‘PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN’ FOUNDATION: was established with the purpose of investigating the atrocious crimes committed against children around the world by men and women who use the name of God to gain their trust and commit evil acts against them. The Foundation counts with hundreds of collaborators in 30 nations with the compromise of

unmasking these criminals who most often are never brought to jail. For more information, visit: or

Indigenous children stolen and institutionalized exploited and abused in residential schools, ("Canadian Genocide")

Sixties Scoop: Children of aboriginal people taken from their parents and given for adoption to white couples. Also known as the "Stolen Generation" of Canada

Children abused by 4.392 priests between 1950 and 2002

Children in Catholic orphanages abused and used in human experiments ("Guinea Pig Kids")

Deaf childen abused by a priest in a catholic institution

Baby Scoop Era: newborns forcibly surrendered by their unwed mothers, who were considered to be psychologically deficient for being single. This scheme was executed by religious and aproved by the government


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