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What is wrong with these scenes?


What is wrong with these scenes, taken in the winter of 2010? Maybe the school needs bigger signs? Or maybe some people have a total disregard of the law. Or maybe some people just don't give a rat's behind about anything.


Reader Comments(3)

MBarrett writes:

Yeah, you're probably right--but it is the principle of the act itself. A law is a law, no matter how persnickety it may appear. The fact that it's a non-member disobeying the laws here, to me, is disrespectful--no matter which law it is. A lot of non-members believe that the laws of Red Lake do not apply to them. Well, I'd like to change that and let them know that they are wrong in thinking that way. Thank you for commenting.

bdsfhahf writes:

all of the crimes that happen on the rez, and this little pity thing is the crime you decide to talk about. hahahaha

WrongWay writes:

These are pictures of an automobile... what appears to be a van facing the north side... trying to propose that it traveled thru the do not enter sign, when actually it took the one way, went thru the parking lot, took a left and then a U turn so that they would be parking in still what appears to be a NO PARKING during school days sign... obviously the law doesnt appear to mind, since people do this all the time =)


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